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Craftmans’ Dinner
6 Episodes Branded Content | Balvenie
Dir : Ed McGown | Producer James Rogan Rogan Productions


Amazing Hotels :Life beyond the Lobby
6 episodes | BBC2
Series Dir Max Shapira |  Series Producer Rebecca Templar | Creative Label


Lawless Oceans
6 Episodes | National Geographic
Dir : Alex Nott, Nick Norman Butler | Exec Tim Lambert | Wall To Wall


Year Zero 36
Feature Documentary
Dir John Guttierez | Prod James Rogan | Rogan Productions


Waiting for the Invasion
Al Jezeera
Dir : Neringa Medutyte | Exec James Rogan | Rogan Productions


Flying to the Ends of the Earth
3 Episodes | Channel 4
Dir: Max Shapira | Exec: Alistair Pegg | Blast


Power of Woman
4x1hr | BBC World
Series Producer : James Rogan | Exec : Neil Grant


Running Wild with Bear Grylls
4 Episodes | NBC
Producer:Rob Butchta/Vanessa Renko | Exec: Viki  Cacciatore | Electus


Monty Python: The Meaning of Live
UK Gold | Dir: James Rogan | Exec: Roger Graef | Films of Record


Great Ormond St
2 Episodes | BBC2
Dir: Katie Sexton | Series Prod: Dolland Cannel | Films of Record


Mayfair Set : Modern Times
BBC 2  | Dir: James Rogan | Exec: Wendy Robbins | CTVC


Bear’s Wild Weekends: Stephen Fry
Dir: Tony Lee | Exec: Neil Smith | Channel 4 Betty


Iceland Foods: Life in the freezer
Episodes 1 &2
Dir: James Rogan | Series Prod: Alicia Magid | BBC 2 Films of Records


Bear Grylls Great Escapes
8 Episodes
Dir: David O’ Neil | Exec: Neil Smith | Discovery Channel Betty


Panorama: Jobs for the Boys
Dir: Assif Hassan | Exec: Mike Lewis | BBC 1 Nine Lives


Changing Fortunes
5 episodes
Dir: Stephen Barratt | Series Prod: James Rogan | BBC World Films of Record


Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls
8 Episodes
Dir: Matt Valentine | Exec Doug MacCallie | NBC, Discovery Electus (US)


Alan Whicker; Journeys End
Dir: James Dougherty | Prod: Simon Cooper | ITV / Shiver


Secrets of Branding
5 Episodes
Dir: Stephen Barratt/Joanna Batholomew | Chinese Central Television/ Blakeway


Shakespeare Uncovered: Trevor Nunn/Joley Richardson
Dir: Nicola Stockley, Series Prod: Richard Denton | BBC 4, PBS, Blakeway


License to Kill
Dir: Steph Atkinson, Exec: Rob Unsworth | BBC 3, BBC Salford


Dispatches : Murdoch, Cameron & 8 Billion $ Deal
Dir: James Rogan/Richard Sanders Exec: Fiona Stourton | Channel 4, Blakeway


Escape from the Most Dangerous Place on Earth
Dir: Steph Atkinson Exec: Rob Unsworth | BBC 3, BBC Salford


Bear’s Wild Weekend:Miranda Hart/Jonathon Ross
Dir: Stephen Shearman/Ed Venner | Channel 4 Dragonfly


Dispatches: Fight for Dale Farm
Dir: Julie Nune Prod: Liz Bloor | Channel 4, Prospect Pictures


Salvage Code Red
5 Episodes
Prod: Wael Dabbous Exec: Charles Thompson | National Geographic Steadfast


Storyville: Amnesty; When they are all Free
Dir: James Rogan Exec: Roger Graef | BBC 4 Films of Record


Gulf Oil Spill Special
Prod: Wael Dabbous Exec: Charles Thompson | National Geographic, Steadfast


Storyville: The Trouble with Pirates
Dir: James Rogan Exec: Roger Graef | BBC 4 Films of Record


Escape from the Worlds Most Dangerous Place

Panorama, (Nine Lives)

Snog, Marry, Avoid (Endomol)

The Town taking on China, (Dragonfly)

Shakespeare, The Prefaces. (Blakeway)

Cars, Cops and Criminals, (Steadfast TV P/D)

Storyville; The Trouble with Pirates, (Films of Record)

Storyville; Amnesty, When we are all Free, (Films of Record)


Britain on the Fiddle, Granada

Dancing On Ice, Granada

Michael Winners Dining Stars, (12 Yard Productions)

Extraordinary Lives – Living With Half A Brain (Granada Anglia)

Take Me Out, (Talkback Thames).

Send In The Dogs, Steadfast TV (P/D)

Daybreak, Granada

This Morning, Granada

Tonight with Trevor McDonald, (Various) Granada

Real Crime, Granada

Somebody’s Daughter Somebody’s Son, Granada

Channnel 4

Bear Grylls Wild Weekends, Dragonfly

Come Dine with me, Granada

Orchestra United, Diverse

Coach Trip, 12 Yard

Dispatches (various)

Gipsy Eviction. Prospect Pictures (P/D)

The New Paul O’Grady Show, Olga TV

The Fixers Initial T4


MacIntyre Investigates. Dare

War Ship, Granada (P/D)

War Zone, Granada

Zoo Days, Granada Anglia (P/D)


Salvage Code Red, Steadfast TV. Nat Geo (P/D)

Got to Dance Sky 1

Mounted Branch,Oval Films. Animal Planet

Ancient sea to the UAE , Brook lapping.

Booze Britain, The Lab Bravo(P/D)

Sorority Girls, 12 Yard E4

A Life Coach Less Ordinary,Zenith. Living TV

Gulf Oil Spill Special, Steadfast. Nat Geo (P/D)

Brit Cops. Steadfast TV Bravo (P/D)

Natural Britain’s Best, Lion TV. UK History


Time lapse specialist (own dolly rig)

Full clean Driving License for Car, LGV, and Motorcycle

Diving; BSAC Dive Leader/Padi Advanced

Specialist courses:

  • Sea Survival
  • Hostile Environment Training
  • Helicopter Dunker Training (Sea platform landings)